About us

With more than two decades of experience in industrial plant design, working alongside some of the most prominent international clients, 4D is now a firm that can provide solid guarantees of quality. We capitalize on our experience and accept the challenges of the future and technology. Thanks to our innate multidisciplinary nature, we offer a unique ability to accompany the project, solving problems along the way and bringing project objectives to fruition, from initial consultation through to executive operations. 4D takes the experience of working with clients to a new level. Not stopping at job execution, but creating added value. Indeed, we are convinced that our work can have a significant impact in the energy sector: for industries, for companies, and for the people of today and tomorrow. This sense of responsibility drives us to continually raise the bar and allows us to establish ourselves as leaders in our industry. We combine tradition and solidity with the knowledge and use of the most modern engineering and design technologies for industrial plant engineering. By these means we accept every challenge, including those of the future. Our results speak for us.